Hackathon Resources

View the Resources for the Hackathon directly on Github.

For our full list of ePIs, check here.
For a list of IPS, check here.


On this page we present some resources necessary for the Hackathon participants, structured as a ’mini-scenario’. The scenario is focused on HIV patients and will work with the following resources:

More resources will be made available as we get closer to the Hackathon dates.

Electronic Product Information (ePI) examples

The mini-scenario will work with the following medication list:

The ePIs of these medication examples can be found in this Github repository.

International Patient Summary (IPS) examples

Two personas will be used in the mini-scenario: Pedro and Alicia.

Their IPS examples can be found in this Github repository.

Pre-processed-Annotated Electronic Product Information (ePI)
Other resources
Focusing Inspector

This digital tool allows developers to examine pre-processed and full-focused ePIs. Using this tool developers will understand, debug and evaluate the different components in the focusing process.